Aklan chronicles, part 3: The sun is out and I want some

Yesterday, an entire day was spent NOT swimming. Maybe the second time’s a charm.


04:30 – Boracay day. Riza, Dani, and I are awake and getting ready to leave for the port.
06:00 – After much prodding, AJ and Con are finally up and getting dressed.
06:30 – Breakfast in a hurry. Sun’s peeking. So far, so good.
07:00 – Girls are in the van. Boys are still in the house. Sigh.
07:05 – Head count’s good. Van takes off.
08:00 – Still on the road. Nick Drake is singing in my ear. Mountains on one side and the sea on the other. Perfect.
09:30 – Caticlan Jetty Port. People are piling into the ferry. We quickly pay the fees and follow suit. Sun’s hot and I love it.
09:45 – Ferry docks. We pile into a waiting tricycle. D Mall, please, we say.
10:00The Tides Hotel at D Mall. Too early for hotel check-in. We leave our luggage at the lobby.
10:10Andok’s for brunch.
11:00 – I tell them about giant pancake place I went to before. For some reason, we start looking for it. Sky’s getting a little dark. A touch of wind. Drizzling a bit too. Hmm.

20140629_103311 2
Miah, this one’s for you
A (17) 2
The search for the mysterious house of giant pancakes continues

11:25 – Cheating death by walking along the high tide as it slams us against restaurants. Colder and heavier drizzle. Stronger winds. Whose idea was this, anyway? Oh.
11:30 – We end up at Jonas. Friends insist it’s the place. I know it’s not, but we stay anyway. We almost killed ourselves getting here, after all. It’s like a storm out there.
12:30 – Rain’s letting up. Tricycle back to D Mall.
14:00 – Check into hotel. Head out for a walk and a swim.
14:30 – Riza and Con are getting braids. Sky’s cloudy, but what can you do?
14:45 – Waves too strong for laps. Body-checked to kingdom come. Hurts so good.
16:10 – Tired. Hungry. Bite Club burgers. Mmm.
17:00 – Back at the hotel. Rooftop pool. We own the place.

A (29) 2
Getting ready for his close-up
A (47)
The siren of the sea
A (87) 2
Oh yeah. This is the life right here.

18:15 – Too cold for me now. Head back to the room for a warm, soapy shower.
19:30 – Everyone else is back. Shower. A bit of TV. Almost fall asleep, but we remember: dinner.
20:45 – Head out. Parties. Fire dancers. Bands. We’re just hungry.
21:25 – Riza, AJ, and Con want Korean. Dani and I don’t. Separate dinners.
22:10 – Meet up for Cafe Del Sol coffee (us) and Ice Monsters (them).
22:45 – More walking.
23:30 – Walk to a convenience store for booze and more chips.
00:00 – Back at the hotel. Mixing drinks. TV’s on. World Cup. Chug and pass. Chug and pass. Chug and pass…

20140629_231159 2
No matter how touristy, it has to be done.


A love-hate relationship with the sun continues in Part 4.


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