Aklan chronicles, part 2: Upon us all a little rain must fall

We came, we saw, we passed out. The saga continues…

A day once dawned, and it was beautiful.


06:00 – Sun’s up, roommates aren’t. I check out the deck. Nice view of a lake behind the house. Ferry boats passing.
06:30 – Downstairs, Mrs. Salazar is awake. Offers coffee. I gladly take it.
07:00 – Sleepyheads start coming down. We take a tour of Dani’s family’s property. Part of it (her grandmother’s house next to the main one) had been destroyed by Yolanda.
07:30 – Looking for hermit crabs again. They usually come out at night, Dani’s housekeepers say. Au contraire. They manage to gather some hermits in a bucket for us to ogle. Typical tourists, they’re probably thinking as we take photos.
08:00 – We’re called back for breakfast. Spam and eggs. Tuyo. Crab. Crab? For breakfast? Gotta love the countryside.

Two kinds of crab at breakfast

– Getting ready for a short trip. Dani mentioned a beach in Batan they usually go to.
10:00 – We go to the New Washington port right next to their home. We take a ferry to Dumaguit Port.
10:30 – Dumaguit Port. A vehicle is waiting to take us to the beach/pier. Is it getting a bit dark?
11:00 – We drop by a convenience store to get rations (read: chips).
11:30 – Stopover at Mr. Salazar’s house to use the loo. Back on the road.
12:00 – Still driving. No sign of the sun now.
12:30 – We reach the pier. Lots of people there. No swimming, I guess. We take an empty villa. Driver leaves to get beer.
14:00 – We’re settled in. Listening to music. It starts to get cold.
14:30 – Driver gets back with entire case. Sky is overcast. Even colder. And windier. Definitely no swimming now.
15:00 – It rains. Hard. Eraserheads is playing (over the phone). Talking, talking, talking.

Making the most of things

– We’ve had enough of the cold. We pack up and head to the vehicle. Now the rain lets up.
17:00 – Back to the waiting ferries. There’s a pig on the street, all tied up, waiting to be boarded too.
17:30 – We get on the ferry. Quiet ride back, save for the occasional snort from the pig.
18:00 – Back at Dani’s. Mrs. Salazar offers more food. Lechon this time. We accept, of course.
18:30 – We check out the port near the house. Down the edge, sea urchins. Lots of them.
17:00 – Back at home to prep for Gaisano Mall.
17:30 – At the mall to get some clothes. Boys needed extra shirts. Left my friggin’ swimsuit at home.
18:30 – Dinner at Latte Coffee Cafe. Loving the bacon-wrapped sausage. Wonder if this is the same pig as earlier.
20:00 – Leave the restaurant.
21:00 – Back at Dani’s. Crab-hunting again. Spot a few pretty big ones.
22:00 – Time for bed. Maybe the weather’ll be better tomorrow. It has to be. Boracay awaits.


Brace yourselves. Part 3‘s coming.


Featured image by Riza Pomar. All images, unless otherwise stated, belong to eatplaylog.wordpress.com. If you want to share them, please include credit and a linkback. Thanks.


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